About Us

During and after the postelection violence of 2007/2008 there was need for people to address the issue of indiscriminate destruction of property. The Elderly farmers organized meetings to address the issue (peace initiatives). In the root of the problem was economic obscurity of most of the youths which partly was due to poor market for green leaf due to the monopoly of KTDA then which was unable to handle all the tea produced due to limited capacity. The farmers then approached the multinational with several requests which could economically help the members of the community around their area of operation so as to handle excess leaf. Uniliver were skeptical but Finlay’s accepted however the tea Act could not allow this then. Sometime in 2008 the Farmers send a delegation to the Minister for agriculture which lead to the amendment of the tea Act, this paved way for multinationals to process small scale farmer’s tea leaf.

Our Mission

To provide high quality member produce to the world market under sustainable environment for economic empowerment of our members

Our Vision

To be a modern world class marketing co-operative Society

Our Objectives

To promote the socio-economic development of the members and neighboring communities

Specific objective

  • To help the smallholder tea farmers of Belgut, Bureti and Soin Sigowet sub-counties market their tea and other products.
  • To encourage environmental protection in its area of coverage.
  • To foster sustainable farming among its members.
  • To help in purchasing farm input in bulk on behalf of the members.
  • To offer Corporate training to its members on matters of general interest in order to enhance their capacities.
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