Organization History

Fintea was initially formed as a group namely Finlay OutGrowers Group (FOG) in the year 2008 by small scale farmers from the three areas namely Belgut, Ainamoi and Konoin. This was propelled by the need to accommodate processing of excess tea production then a big problem. James Finlay (K) Limited accepted the request to process the excess green leaf which gave birth to the registration of five Cooperative societies.

Our Formation

Fintea Growers Co-operative Union Ltd  brings together five primary co-operatives ( Chepcheb Co-operative Society Ltd, Chesetekaa Out growers Co-operative Society Ltd, Kapkap Out growers Co-operative Society Ltd ,Ainamoi Tea Produce and Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd and Kokchaik Co-operative Society ltd ) formed by tea farmers  drawn from Kericho and Bomet  counties.

    Our Core Business

    Tea is the core business of the union and as such the union endeavor to acquire quality tea from members, ensure they are delivered on time to the processor and manage high standards to ensure high prices in the international market. Sixty percent (60%) of   green leaf tea is currently being sold to James Finlay (K) Ltd for processing.

    Our Objectives

    Our Primary Objective is to promote the socio-economic development of the members and neighboring communities.

    Specific Objectives
    • Marketing members produce;
    • Coordinate the transport Services;
    • Provision of farm input (bulk purchase of farm input);
    • Processing, grading and transportation of tea;
    • Coordinating the disbursement of premium arising from fair-trade/Rainforest/ISO certification to the members equitably.
    • Do all other things necessary for the promotion and attainment of the fore mentioned objects.

    Our Management Team

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