Fintea Growers Cooperative Union

Fintea Growers Co-operative Union Ltd  was formed in 2012  through the initiatives of FRICH- KIBAGENGE project which comprised of six partners: Finlays Beverages UK,  James Finlays Kenya(Ltd), Co-operative Group (UK), Cooperative College UK, Co-operative College  of Kenya(Now The Co-operative University College of Kenya) and Africa Now(an NGO) and five primary co-operatives ( Chepcheb Co-operative Society Ltd, Chesetekaa Out growers Co-operative Society Ltd, Kapkap Out growers Co-operative Society Ltd ,Ainamoi Tea Produce and Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd and Kokchaik Co-operative Society ltd )formed by tea farmers  drawn from Kericho and Bomet  counties . The area is endowed with good climate for tea, dairy and other crop farming. The union was formally registered, as a tea marketing co-operative union with the Ministry of Co-operative Development and Marketing on 18th January 2012 and given official registration CS/14155

What We hold...

Our Mission

To Provide High Quality member produce to the world market under sustainable environment for economic empowerment for our members

Our Vision

To be a world class marketing co-operative union

Our Motto


Our Core Values

1. Self Help
2. Equity
3. Customer Satisfaction
4. Team work
5. Good Governance
6. Colaboration
7. Empowerment

Our Services

1. To market farmer's Tea, diversified crops and other products
2. To purchase farmers farm inputs
3. To foster sustainable farming practices
4. To encourage environmental protection
5. To train members on cooperative and other global standards
Word From the Union Chairman

I was happy to .........


We as Fintea believe strongly  in partnership with various partners i.e. we have got a lot of gains from Finlays as a partner such as Good Agricultural practices, collection and delivery of good quality green leaf on time, scholarships for bright students, and several other projects using Finlays Charitable trust Fund. Also Via-Agro forestry a Swedish nongovernmental organization has contributed a lot in terms of capacity building, sustainable agriculture based in agro forestry for climate change mitigation and adaptation, economic security, gender mainstreaming among others. We are fully committed to work closely with members and the partners for our success.